AUDIO: Some Journalists OF Today Scuffle Speaking The English Language-Dr Manteaw


The Director of Research for Integrated Social Development Center, ISODEC Dr. Steve Manteaw has stated emphatically that some journalists of today find it difficult when giving expressions in the English Language.

His comment follows the president’s 2nd encounter with the media on Wednesday where critics have expressed dissatisfaction with poor display of the English Language by some journos.

Speaking on EIB’s Agoo fm evening news analysis program Na Wo Kaa No Sen” Wednesday he said, some journalists couldn`t come out with tangible questions because they were not able to express themselves well using the English Language.

He told hostess Abena Opokua such development reflect the general decline of education in this country.  He put the blame on the tertiary institutions.


He therefore advised authorities to allow the local dialect (twi) to be used during such events so others can be able to express themselves appropriately instead of using the foreign language.