Bryan Acheampong Foundation (BAF) to award scholarships to 1000 students annually


One thousand tertiary students across the country will benefit from a scholarship package that will cater for the entire cost of their admission, tuition fees and academic research; as part of the education policy, a program under the Bryan Acheampong Foundation.

This was revealed at a stakeholders dinner held at Abetifi in the Kwahu East District last Saturday. The beneficiaries are students who qualify to tertiary institutions. The scholarship scheme was instituted by the Member of Parliament (MP) for Abetifi Constituency, Hon. Bryan Acheampong.

The programme, which begins this year, was developed early 2017 to sponsor students in the district and beyond to access tertiary education.

Speaking at the event, the MP said the program was investing in the next generation of Ghanaian leaders and innovators by giving promising scholars the opportunity to develop, grow and excel academically. He appealed to the Presbyterian University in the district to accept the program in good faith.

Mr. Acheampong noted that the Foundation is committed hence the responsibility to create long-lasting and positive impact in the constituency and the nation at large. “I’ve spoken to the board of the Presbyterian University, which is the only tertiary institution in the whole of Kwahu to give me the chance to sponsor a thousand students annually. As I speak i haven’t received any response from them; I’m still waiting”

The MP said many students faced financial challenges in the district, which had the tendency to affect their performance and progression. Therefore, he said, the scholarship package was to lessen the burden on parents of the students regarding the payment of admission and tuition fees.

The legislator said with the scholarship package, the beneficiary students would feel motivated and comfortable to study hard and excel in their examinations. He stated that he intends to expand the scholarship package to benefit more students in the district.

Bryan Acheampong indicated that his vision was to see the district produce more graduates who would contribute to the socio-economic development of the area. “I have a vision which I’m passionate about, that is burning in my heart.; And this is the reason i take bold steps to make an impact” he said.

Deplorable roads in Kwahu East to see facelift

Construction works will begin on the Tafo, Miaso, Abene,Suminakese, Akwasihu, Sadan and Nkwantanang roads in the Kwahu East District in the Abetifi constituency, to give the stretch, which is looking deplorable, a facelift.

The project which would see the entire roads being tarred is being financed by the Bryan AcheampongFoundation(BAF), as part of the housing and infrastructure program to help bring relief to people in the area, and to provide good roads networking the Kwahu District.

Member of Parliament for the area, Mr. Bryan Acheampong made the disclosure and it was received with applauds and praises from stakeholders who were held to a dinner last weekend at Abetifi.

“We’ve gone through all necessary approvals from the Roads Ministry for the project to take off. We’re not reshaping nor improving spots [But] constructing good roads” “I’ll make sure we cover the first phase of asphaltic overlay on the selected roads” he said.

He lamented that due to the bad nature of the roads, farm produce are also destroyed since vehicles cannot get to their destination on time. “The project would go a long way to ease difficulties drivers and pedestrians had had to go through because of the deplorable roads”.

The MP stated that the completion of the road project would help open the community to the rest of the district, thereby enhancing businesses activities and ending the difficulties the people had endured for years. District Chief Executive for Kwahu East said ‘today, we can all happily breathe a very big sigh of relief considering the pressure that has been mounting on the assembly to have the roads quickly constructed the moment news of the intended  work was made public,” he said.

Mr Acheampong stated, the construction of the road network formed part of the Foundation’s vision of bringing development to the people’s doorstep.

Kwahu East: Bryan Acheampong to deploy tankers to solve water crises

Water Tankers will be deployed at least thrice every month to some parts of Kwahu East in the Abetifi Constituency,  to provide service to residents experience severe water crisis.

The move was announced by the Member of Parliament, Hon. Bryan Acheampong and will be in collaboration with the Bryan Acheampong Foundation to ensure water is made available to the people of Kwahu East for free.

The water tankers will be stationed at vantage points in the communities and distribute water to a population of about one hundred and twenty thousand (120, 000) people to ease effects of the water crisis that threaten residents and food security.

Member of Parliament for the Abetifi constituency, Mr. Acheampongsay, plans are in place to permanently end the crisis in those communities. “Ghana water Company headed by Dr. ClifordBrimah has assured me that our part the K3 project will be connected by close of 2018”

“I’ve also pledged to construct boreholes for highly deprived areas who encounter acute water shortage. At least thrice every month, tanks will carry water to persons highly in need of it.; adding that: “People and areas without water will be connected soon.”

“The long term strategy is to get the whole District connected to the K3 project” the MP revealed. Water crisis is a perennial problem for some residents in Kwahu East District. Residents and water management bodies have blamed it the mountainous nature of the lands.

Residents have been using polluted water for domestic chores and some boreholes have stood dry for several months without fresh running water. The MP said resources that abound in the area would be tapped for the benefit of the people

I can’t fail – Bryan Acheampong tells stakeholders

The Member of Parliament for Abetifi Constitueny, Mr. Bryan Acheampong has  appealed to stakeholders to support him on his journey in finding an antidote to the socio-economic situations facing the District.

Sounding highly optimistic, he said “I must succeed because my constituents must not go hungry.  students whose parents can’t pay school fees must school anyway. We don’t have that luxury of waiting for anything of a sort” “Don’t underestimate my abilities, I won’t start something i can’t finish. I have to succeed and not fail. Honestly I can’t fail!.”

Expressing worry over some comments from the constituents, He said ” I hear people say Bryan is racing too fast, [But] truth is I’m not here to put up shows; I’m here for the development of Kwahu. Therefore Whatever prayer, counsel, goodwill, whatever effort you can put behind me and help me to succeed, it is in the interest of all of us for the sake of development and posterity.” he told stakeholders at a dinner in his constituency.

He encouraged everyone to approach their work with positive mental attitude aimed at solving the economic hardship and respecting the tenets of good governance.