AUDIO: Nutrition: What’s your favorite Soup?


Soup is an important constituent of every meal; just like salad, a bowl of soup has a lot of health benefits as you get to eat more vegetables packed with nutrients.

Consuming nothing but soup for a meal can also make one slimmer but the process can be quite a challenge. Doing so can make you go hungry but for others, eating more soup make them more energized and feel full for hours.

“The wealth of ingredients in a bowl of soup provides a good balance of carbohydrates, protein and fats as well as the vitamins and minerals required to create energy and keep us firing on all cylinders.’’

Soup is healthy, no doubt, but that’s not the only reason why soup is good; it can be a galvanized delicacy as it is delicious and easy to prepare. With only a few ingredients, one can organize a bowl of hearty soup for a cold evening.

Perhaps the easiest way to add vegetables to your daily meals is to include them in the preparation of soup. You can make several bowls of soup filled with fruits and vegetables each day and you’ll be filled. Eating vegetables is part of maintaining a healthy diet so vegetable soups are highly recommended.

Common Ghanaian gumbos are; groundnut soup, light (tomato) soup, kontomire (taro) soup, palm nut soup, ayoyo soup, okro soup, nkantekonto soup, wirewire soup and others.

Each of the soups mentioned is served with a particular chow; fufu, banku,etew, konkonte, omo-tuo, akple, tuo-zaafi and others.

Agoo news’ Ebenezer Kojo Nyavor (K-Lover) took to the streets of the Nkawkaw Municipality in the Eastern Region where some residents shared their favorite soups with us and interestingly they were at heart to do so.

Source: Agoo FM News/Ghana