Mohamed Abass a Political Science lecturer at the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology has said that, in Africa and Ghanaian political history, the main players always lack political skills, explaining political leaders need expertise to manage firms, group of people or the affairs of a country for prosperity, but lack of such abilities is a bit problematic.

Speaking to Agoo fm’s Eugene Akwasi Akoto Bamfo on the ‘Ene Nso Biem’ morning show the political science lecturer said the major problem in Africa is the style of politics and that is why  democracy has been forced on the continent because that will enable us manage our affairs effectively without any hindrance or  bias favor.

Mr. Rawlings and Mr. Amidu who are considered members of the opposition NDC have on several occasions criticized the party for corruption and other issues they believe contributed to the party’s defeat in the 2016 general elections. Mr. Amidu ahead of the 2016 general elections asked Ghanaians to vote out the then Mahama administration, arguing that it would take off the shield preventing Mr. Woyome from refunding the GHS 51.2m he is believed to owe the country.

Just recently, Dr. Valerie Sawyer, a former deputy chief of staff in an article chastised and bastardized Mr. Martin Amidu and former president Jerry John Rawlings for being behind the NDC’s abysmal performance in the 2016 elections.

Reacting to this the political science lecturer said, the NDC did not take the founder of the party Jerry John Rawlings seriously and took his criticisms for granted as such, how the party members addressed his concerns about the party was not appropriate politically.

He explained what is happening in the National Democratic Congress (NDC) is clear example of lack of political skills and opined that it is normal to have human differences in a political group but those differences must be settled by leaders.

The NDC is contradicting itself by blaming Rawlings for contributing to the party’s defeat in 2016 because he was not significant to the party’s campaigns and this is a clear demonstration of lack of political skills, he stressed.

Source: Agoo FM News/Ghana