AUDIO: Our major challenge is revenue collection – Kwahu South DCE


The new District Chief Executive (DCE) for Kwahu south Hon Emmanuel Attah Ofori Senior has revealed that one of the major challenges confronting the assembly is revenue tax collection since residents find it difficult to engage in tax paying.

Speaking in an interview with Agoo news Ebenezer Kojo Nyavor, the District Chief Executive (DCE) bemoaned on the low payment of taxes by the people in the Kwahu South District which is the source of income used for setting up developmental projects in the district.

He appealed to the Chiefs and Elders to educate the people about the payment of taxes during Traditional Council Meetings and important gatherings to notify the town folks about the need for and importance of tax payment.

According to him payment of taxes by the people will lead to the fulfillment of the visions he has for the district and also it will enhance growth and development in the Kwahu South District.

The newly appointed District Chief Executive (DCE) promised to ensure absolute unity and commitment among the people towards the development of the district.

He believes that working in accordance with the Chiefs, Elders and the people to achieve the expectations of the people will obtain great honor to the district at large.

He asserts that among the numerous visions he has for the district, quality education is his major priority and he will ensure effective education in the lives of pupils who wished access to education but lack the various instruments.

However, various institutions will be provided with infrastructures to encourage and promote quality education in the lives of pupils.

Also the Health sector will be enhanced accordingly as promised by the President to ensure quality health care throughout the country.

Victor Mframa: PRO Kwahu South (left), Hon Emmanuel Attah Ofori Senior: DCE for Kwahu South (Middle)