Kwahuman to Receive a New King Soon – Kingmakers


Kingmakers in the Kwahu traditional council have affirmed that the Kwahu traditional area is set to receive a new king soon. In an interview with Agoo fm’s Kofi Boahen Dankwa, the Krontihene for Kwahu Abene, Nana Simpeh Owiredu III, said the kingmakers in the traditional council knew nothing about the enstoolment of Nana Akosa. He stated that, the Werempehene in Kwahu Abene did not inform any of the kingmakers neither did he go through the right process before supposedly enstooling Professor Badu Akosa as the Kwahumanhene.

He added that before enstooling a king in the Kwahu traditional area, the Nana Hemaa and the Nana Adehyehene would together select one person and bring the name to the kingmakers who comprise the Krontihene, Baamuhene, Akyeamehene, Gyaasehene, Werempehene, Nana Hemaa and the Adehyehene, so after the nana Hemaa and the Adehyehene get the name for the kingmakers then it would be left for the remaining five of the kingmakers to deliberate upon the name.

He said the nana Hemaa and the Adehyehene have promised to present a proper candidate and rightful heir for the Kwahuman stool within three weeks so as at now preparations have been made for the selection and enstoolment of a new Kwahumanhene.

Commenting on the enstoolment of Prof. Badu Akosa, the Queen mother for Abene, Nana Adwoa Gyamfuaa III added that before anyone can become king of Abene, the Queenmother, Abusuapanyin and the Adehyehene would have to first submit his name to the kingmakers as their favorite candidate for the position of the King of Kwahu and after the kingmakers have accepted the person to be the king then they would take him to the chiefs in Kwahu and then the chiefs would come and take an oath before the new king and he would also take an oath before the chiefs after he would be finally enstooled but Prof. Badu Akosa did not go through these processes before the Werempehene enstooled him.

However, the Queenmother further stated that she strongly believes Prof. Badu Akosa did what he did deliberately because he contested for the stool of Mampong and while contesting for the stool of Mampong he went through the right processes so for him to do otherwise in Kwahu she believes he is being pushed by some people in Kwahu.

Also, the Abusuapanyin for the Abene Royal Family, Opanyin Kwaku Omane added that it won’t be long for the people of Kwahu and Abene to see their new king because things have been put in place for the selection of the new Abene chief.

Meanwhile, attempts to reach the Abene Werempehene proved fruitless since he was not in his residence and a family member claims not to know his whereabouts and has tried calling him severally for the past one week but could not reach him.

Source: Agoo News/Ghana/Lauren Naa Momo Laryeh