AUDIO: Ghana’s presidents are ‘cowards’: Ishmael Yamson


Revered businessman Dr Ishmael Yamson has said Ghana’s presidents are cowards.

According to the Chairman of Yamson and Associates, none of the presidents the country has had has been “ruthless, courageous and bold” enough to take decisions that will move the country forward irrespective of the political consequences.

Speaking to Accra based radio Class FM on Wednesday, 17 May, Dr Yamson said: “I will love a president of this country who will step up and say: ‘I’m prepared to be a one-term president,’ and from day one seek to change this country fundamentally.”

Asked if such a president does not risk being ill-fated politically, Dr Yamson said: “It doesn’t matter [if his party people kill him]. Let them kill him because in the second or third year, the actions he would have taken would begin to bear big fruits and his party people will applaud him.”

In his view, Ghana has not seen such a leader yet “because our presidents are cowards”.

“They just don’t want to start from day one and take [bold decisions]. …If any leader anywhere thinks that he can please everybody, that is the beginning of his failure or her failure,” Dr Yamson said, stressing: “Any leader who attempts to please everybody is on the path to failure because any good action you take will hurt somebody, any good decision you take will hurt somebody, and sometimes it will hurt people who are closest to you, but if you are a courageous and bold leader, you’ll stick by your [convictions]. And the first thing is to make sure that if it is actually in the interest of your people, of your country, of your country then you must go out there and take that decision no matter what it is,” Dr Yamson said in a foretaste conversation to the Ishmael Yamson And Associates Business Roundtable 2017 which comes off on 31 May at the Golden Tulip Hotel, Accra.

Source: classfmonline