Soft drinks And Fake Products seized by Kwahu West District Environmental Health Department To Be Destroyed


Some soft drinks and other food items have been seized in the Nkawkaw market by the Kwahu West district environmental office. According to Joseph Krampa the district environmental officer, the soft drinks which were purported to be blue jeans products ended up to be rather fake. He disclosed that his office has the mandate to destroy the products.

According to Mr. Krampah, his department had the information through a video circulating on social media where certain victims display a canned drink purported to be “Blue Jeans” but after pealing of the cover label they realize a different product.

“I had information that there were some different products on the market with blue jeans label so, I called on my boys and we visited some shops in the market and truly we were able to confiscate 155 fake blue jeans products from about Eight (8) stores alongside other expired products” he disclosed.

Mr. Krampah added that it is easy to identify the difference because the packaging is not accurate and professional.The Municipal Environmental Officer confirmed that shop owners involved after being sent to court have been slapped with fines.

“Some of the sellers gave reasons for having the expired products in their shops; we at times use our discretion to pardon them. But mostly the court fines the defaulters to a 1000 unit penalty” he said. He said the expired products will be destroyed and cautioned that the inspection exercise will continue unabated.

Source:Agoo News