Mental Hospitals Need Attention-Dr Akwasi Osei


Dr. Akwasi Osei Chief Executive Officer for the Ghana Mental Health Services has confirmed that mental hospitals have not been provided with the necessary medications for patients and nurses who work in the mental sector, he therefore appealed to the government to come to their aid.

Speaking to Eugene Akoto Bamfo of Agoo fm on “ene nso biom”, he said that the psychiatric hospitals need attention, because due to lack of medications and other important equipment, nurses and doctors are finding it difficult to execute their core duties.

Dr. Osei said they are still talking to the ministry of finance and some senior nursing officers to rectify that situation. According to the good doctor, the unfortunate situation has been plaguing the sector for some time now; it seems nobody cares about the well being of the mental hospitals, he lamented.

He opined “what should be remembered is, without good health care and good mental care the country will not grow, but all the government talks about is the economy forgetting mental health care”.

According to Dr Osei for almost five years hitherto the sector has not received medical supplies. Referring to the LI (legislative instrument) for mental health, he declared that it is going to be of good help to mental health in the country. He however lauded the government for initiating a mental hospital facility but urged the president to intervene in the current crisis, the sector is facing.

Source:Agoo News