Legalization of “Wee” Smoking Will Help-Family Lawyer


Lawyer Akrasi Agyapong a private legal practitioner has stated that amending the law for “wee” smoking and other drug related issues considered in the constitution as criminal will help because people indulge in such acts as result of mental instability and irrepressible addictions. He counseled that it is better to send such people to Rehabilitation Centers.

Parliament on Monday 24th October, 2016 considered the Narcotics Control Commission Bill, which instead of giving prison sentences to drug abusers will rather provide them with rehabilitation. The bill, currently before the house, is expected to give greater powers to the Narcotics Control Board (NACOB) as it transforms it from a board into a commission.

The legal practitioner and family law expert articulated in an interview with Eugene Akoto Bamfo on”ene nso biom” that if a person is caught on grounds of drug usage, patronization or smoking of “wee” and afterwards is handed a jail sentence, then the state has rather worsened the plight of such a person.

He said such people should be sent to rehabilitation centers to be properly cross examined by medical experts even before criminal aspects are tested. According to him the process should be as such.

Again he made reference to efforts made by parliament to amend that part of the law so people caught for such reasons would not be sent to police station as has been the practice.

Source:Agoo News