Tribal Politics, Easily To Cause Election Violence- Evangelist


An Evangelist, Mr Emmanuel Mensah has urged political fronts to desist from tribal politics since it is also another way to bring about electoral violence before, during and after general elections.

According to Evangelist Mensah, there have been a lot of instances in other African Countries where elections have resulted in violence due to tribal politics. He was speaking to Asonaba Kwadwo Nomafo on “Gyidie Mu Nsem”.

“If our leaders continue to preach the issue of “we are Akans”  “we are Ewes” and encourage all sorts of tribalism, the election can easily turn into violence but desisting from such campaign attitudes would offer the country a peaceful atmosphere” he said.

The Former Eastern Regional Secretary of the Ahmadyia Mission, Mr Harun Ofosu on the program said the Islamic religion does not preach violence and no member could be used to initiate violence in this year’s elections adding the Muslims and Christians have always been leaving in peace and will continue to leave in peace before, during and after the 2016 elections.

Source:Agoo News/ Asonaba Kwadwo Numafo