Supporters Attaccked Me-Referee Sintim Musah:Audio


Assistant referee Sintim Musah who was on the lines in the game between Storm Academy and Believers Fc has comfirmed to Agoo Sports that he was attacked by supporters of Believers Fc.

Speaking on Agoo Sports, he said fans of Believers Fc attacked him immediately Storm Academy scored their second goal claiming it was an offside.

The derby game in the zone 8 of Eastern Region 2nd division league match rained off twice and had to be cleared last Wednesday at the Mpraeso Park.

The match begun at 2pm with both sides very optimistic of victory.

Storm Academy were on top and drew the first blood in the first half of the game before the match went into recess.

The two teams returned to the pitch with Believers Fc determined to get level and push for the winner.

In the 26th minute of the game in the second half, the centre referee whistled for an infringement against Believers  Fc which eventually resulted in the second goal for Storm Academy.

The Believers supporters disagreed with the officiating officials and rushed on the assistant referee 1 and tore his flag.

In the process he had no flag to continue the game and the centre referee had to call off the match.