Asante Mampong Midwifery graduates chase out principal over certificate


Scores of graduates of the Asante Mampong Midwifery Training School have vented their anger on their authorities over delays in releasing their certificates.

The students who completed their Midwifery and other programs over three months ago besieged the school to chase out the Principal.

They are accusing the Principal of withholding their certificates to frustrate them.

One of the aggrieved students who spoke to Kumasi-based Ultimate FM said the situation is making life uncomfortable for them.

“We are coming from different places across the country and we are locked up in the school without getting our results. I don’t know if it’s a law of all colleges that you need to pay all your indebtedness before you get your certificate. The principle is saying that about 13 people are owing and until they pay up, the rest of us won’t get our results; that is so unfair,” he fumed.

Authorities of the school however say they will not release the certificates until the students pay their fees.