Lyrical Jibes good for Music – Reggie Rockstone


The “Godfather” of Hiplife music in Ghana, Reggie Rockstone known in private life as Reginald Yaw Asante Osei has defended lyrical jibes commonly called “Beef” in the Ghanaian music industry stating that it is healthy for its growth.

Various music artistes have lately resorted to attacking each other with their lyrics for reasons unknown making it look like they are at war to fans.

But Reggie Rockstone indicates that the war of words among musicians, adds spice to the industry and he sees nothing wrong for Ghanaian musicians to engage in the practice.

“Beef is good for music. It actually adds spice to the industry once the musicians themselves do not engage in physical fisticuffs or fight”, he said.

Speaking at a press soiree ahead of the biggest musical concert at the Babayara Sports Stadium on Saturday, November 28, 2015, dubbed “Tigo Unplugged”, the Hiplife Grandpapa disclosed that he will not condemn the practice but urged those in it to be decorous.

Beef has over the years been enjoyed by Music lovers in Ghana as fans constantly keep their fingers crossed and enjoy the fracas whilst the parties involved strive at all cost to find punch lines to hit their opponent.

It takes the form of burlesque music videos, stage mannerisms and sometimes entire albums are dedicated to the coveted battle.

Major beefs recorded in Ghana are Obrafour and Lord Kenya.

It all started when they both claimed ownership of the title “Heavyweight champion”. Lord Kenya first called Obrafour “Tico”.’The Executioner’ replied by calling Kenya “Tipa” and later on “Sakora”. They hit each other so hard by revealing each other’s past in their songs. In the heat of events, Ex-doe’s “MABA” and Chicago’s “WOBE K)” beef became the talk of town when the earlier close pals took each other on.

Dancehall King Samini’s beef with the D-styler K.K Fosu also gained prominence where the latter claimed he ‘made’ the former. This did not auger well with Samini. That triggered him to release “IGWE” which featured muggeez of R2bees. Kontihene and Kwaw Kese had never met but beefed each other from different studios. It was a typical no-nonsense lyrical battle. Mad fish and Kwaw Kese both battled over the title “Abodam (MADNESS)”.The ‘Obia nye Obia’ man, Sydney was taken on by Borax at a point in the game. Groups have witnessed internal squabbles that has brought about the total demise of the group or just a mere tearing away of some key members. Talk of Friction from VIP, Praye Tintin from Praye and the separation of Buk Bak and Wutah and you would not be far from right. Agbeko No. 9 took on Ayigbe Edem in the music world regardless of their common Anlo descent. He claimed Edem orchestrated his dismissal by hammer from the Last 2 Camp.

In recent years, the game has been hotter in terms of beef. Headlining the parade is that between Obrafour and Okyeame Kwame. Obrafour did not come to terms with the title ‘BEST RAPPER ALIVE’ Kwame had bestowed upon himself and threw hot punchlines on the controversial ’ kasiebo’ song at Okyeame Kwame and Obour with the able contribution of the upcoming rapper GURU. Okyeame Kwame(The Rap Doctor) had a press release to that effect stating clearly 10 reasons why he wouldn’t reply Obrafour.

ASEM versus R2bees & Sarkodie is a battle everyone would want to watch.Asem released ‘No more Kpayor’ and ‘Fylla’ whiles the Tema based musicians released ‘T.E.M.A’ and ‘Fair warning’. Other rappers like Yaa Pono took on Asem during the controversial rape scandal.

Kwaw Kese has beefed the likes of Asem and John Germain on his ‘Killer bewu last show’. He is on record to have said in the song that Out of hunger,Asem signed on GLO.He also called Germain ‘Jon jimijimi’ on that same song.Asem also said in the ‘Fylla’ song that he was proud because Kwaw had turned into his P.R.O and so he always mentioned his name everywhere he went. It has become that bad that Kwaw went to the extent of walking out on the ’celebrity soccer show’ just because he was supposed to be on set with Jon Germain, the Allo Tigo Host who has been a strong critic of “the man insane”.

Castro and Tinny blew the ‘beef air’ when tinny did not buy the idea that Castro was the ’50 Cent’ of GH as he claimed by saying in one of his songs that he had never seen a ’50 cent’ who dances ‘Mapouka’.


Credit: Ultimate