Ghana ICT Chamber supports Indigenous companies


The Ghana ICT Chamber has called on the National Communication Authority (NCA) to give Indigenous companies priority over foreigners to develop the local Information and communications technology (ICT) industry.

According to the ICT Chamber, it will be wrong for new 800 Mhz spectrum available for auction as a result of the digital migration to fall into foreign hands because it is a national asset.

The Executive Director of Ghana ICT Chamber, Paul Adom Otchere speaking at a press conference to lobby for Ghanaians instead of foreigners to win the spectrum bid said giving the opportunity of the 800 Mhz any Ghanaian company can roll out across the country.

The Statement released by the Chamber states that since the 2,600 MHZ rolled out that has created Surfline, Blu Technology and Goldkey over the last two years, Surfline is moving more data traffic than five of the six telcos in the country.

Mr Paul Adom Otchere called on Ghanaian companies as a matter of urgency to collaborate and raise the $ 83 million dollars needed to buy the spectrum for the profits to remain in the country than to go elsewhere.

He was emphatic that the Spectrum should not to be given to MTN because if it goes to MTN for 15 years as the Tender suggest, a clear God given opportunity to develop the local ICT industry would be lost.

According to the Chamber this 4G technology is a new opportunity to create a local consortium and that if supported can become the Ghanaian MTN of the future and again whatever happens, the National asset must remain in Ghanaians hands.

Story: Daakyehene Ofosu Agyeman