Mosquitoes hold govt workers ‘hostage’


Mosquitoes have held hostage residents of the Effiduase Government Junior Staff Quarters in the New Juaben Municipality in the Eastern Region, as the insects have invaded their homes such that children living in the bungalows cannot come out to play.

The residence houses staff of the Municipal Assembly and other state institutions and agencies, which pay rent to the Assembly.

The people have been left to their own fate as several appeals to the Assembly for a mosquito control exercise to relieve the residents have fallen on death ears.

The situation has affected the style of dressing of the staffs and their family as children and adults alike are usually seen wearing trousers or long dresses to ward off mosquitoes from feasting on them, while shop owners in the vicinity have no option than to use mosquito coils even in the afternoon to wade off the mosquitoes.

The status quo is as a result of poor sewage system, coupled with the blocking of the sewage by some mechanics who have occupied portions of the community, culminating in the creation of pools of waste water which have become the breeding grounds for the mosquitoes.

However the Assembly which acknowledged the problem has however assured that it will spray the entire community in collaboration with the Zoomlion Company.