SCANAD boss urges advertizing companies to be innovative

Ms Jebet Andany, Country Manager of SCANAD Ghana, a Communications Consortium, has urged marketers to be innovative and develop strategies that would ensure that customers have value for their money when they purchased brands.
Ms Andany said this at the Annual Marketing Conference, organized by the Chartered Institute of Marketing, Ghana, on the theme: “The Future Marketing, Evolve or Die”.
Speaking on the topic: “The Future of Brands and Brand Experience,” she said a successful brand should be able to touch consumer needs continuously since consumers now want a brand they can be identified with.
“Consumers now see advertising as a source of information to talk about with friends and gather news. The consumer no longer connects with the media but digests the information on its own entity”, she added.
Ms Andany noted that, advertising is about continuous engagement, more human and less corporate, stressing that, the brand of a company must tell a story embedded in the shared memory of the customer.
She said it is incumbent for marketers to understand customers from their point of view, adding that, “due to the influx of technology, customers are exposed to many adverts and so there is the need to satisfactorily them.”